Located on one of Canada’s National Historic Sites, the Prince William streetscape, Historica’s latest acquisition at 160 Prince William Street is one of ten buildings that were in danger of demolition in the early 1980’s. Slated to soon receive the Historica touch and be revitalized and modernized, this building is sure to grace the Trinity Royal district for many more years.

The incredible character, and brick and sandstone details, on the building’s façade make it a perfect candidate for Historica’s growing portfolio. With one of the most spectacular water views in the city, the residential living spaces that occupy the four-story brick structure are sure to become some of the most sought-after apartments in Saint John.

Previously known as the Vroom and Arnold building and constructed between 1877 and 1881, this building’s most notable tenant was the insurance firm of the same name, catering to the city’s booming shipping industry. It was also home to several restaurants and dining saloons in the 1880’s.


Available Apartments

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The Arnold